ISCC certification

In October 2019 Grainfor Trade Ltd obtained certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and proved that it complies with the requirements of the RED and the certification system ISCC EU, which is approved bу the European Commission.

5 facts about ISCC System GmbH (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification):

1. ISCC is a globally leading certification system covering the entire supply chain and all kinds of bio-based feedstock and renewables. It enables system allows users to access various market segments with one certificate, such as the chemical, food, feed and bioenergy market. 
2. Leading companies use ISCC to prove the sustainability of their products. More than 10,000 certificates in 100 countries have been issued. 
3. Independent third party certification ensures compliance with high social and ecological sustainability requirements, 0 deforestation and traceability throughout the supply chain. A mass balance approach can be applied. 
4. ISCC has been developed in a multi-stakeholder process involving around 250 corporations, international associations, research institutions and NGOs from around the world. 
5. Nowadays, ISCC is steered by an association with more than 80 members. Global and regional stakeholder meetings take place on a regular basis.